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Thank you for registering to be a participating salon!  Participating salons can expect:

  • The potential for increased foot traffic October 10-17

  • In late September, volunteers will drop off fliers, encouraging clients(and their friends and family) to make their next appointment for the week of October 10-17.

  • Listing on the INailed.It website with link to your business website and facebook page

  • Yelp! Partnership, driving traffic to the INailed.It website and driving appointments to your salon

  • From October 10-17, your salon will have postcards to give to clients showing them, step-by-step, how they can share their experience on social media, supporting mental health and your business

  • Social media "mentions:" clients encouraged to share pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram indicating they "Nailed It" at YOUR salon

  • Donor match for every social media "mention" 

  • Local TV coverage of the event... maybe your salon will be featured!

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